As the world has changed so have XPERT Fitness. To make sure you keep training we have added ALL our XPERT Fitness teacher training courses online. We have carefully put together for you, our in depth XPERT trainings so that you can get as close to the same experience as a face to face training. XPERT Fitness are massive believers in Face to Face, however currently it’s just not that easy any more. So for our new online courses we have updated the manuals, subject by subject in depth informative videos, with our XPERT trainers discussing and working through each section and move. We wanted to make sure that you still get our trainers knowledge with lots of added information for you to use and learn.

The training courses can be taken whenever you have time and there is no time limit. If you are looking to complete quickly it would take you approx. 1 month to complete all the sections. One of the questions we are often asked, is it easier to pass an online than face to face or vice versa? XPERT Fitness believes in certifying great instructors and so whether you take the online or face to face you must have a minimum of 6 months knowledge in the given subject. There is a pass and refer so you are not guaranteed to pass for just completing the course. HOWEVER, we will work with you through the courses to ensure you understand and be the best instructor you can be.

All our courses are recognised by worldwide awarding bodies. Currently trainings are only available in English.

Course Information

When you sign up for an online training you will receive the following:

Course Manuals: Within this manual are interactive buttons, click onto these and you will see in-depth explanations of each move and subject given by one of our XPERT Trainers. The manual can be downloaded however the videos cannot be. If you wish to have a hard copy this can be purchased for $50

Learner Workbook: Your online learner workbook is a series of questions which are all covered in your manual, these questions must be answered as fully as you can, this is an open workbook assessment and so you can use your manual along the way.

Zoom Chat: Once you have completed your workbook you will be given options to take our live chat with a mentor. The chat will be to go over all the major points in the manual and answer any further questions.

Practical & Written Exam: Your practical and written exam will be allocated to you once you have completed your zoom chat with a mentor. You will be given option and the full information in an email. Please read this carefully before submitting your exam.

What must be completed: To complete the training you must complete the following, online workbook, live zoom chat, practical exam, written exam. You must pass each element to be able to pass your overall training course.

Once you have passed all elements of the training you will receive our exclusive discounts for many other products and any other courses. You can download your certificate and online badge to show you have passed. You can purchase an XPERT top for a discounted price.