Basic Aerial Hoop Moves

Looking to strengthen your body? Then definitely consider aerial hoop exercises! This has continually proven to be one of the most effective methods for both toning and building up muscles around both your arms and legs. If you’re new to aerial hoop, or already understand it’s history and need new moves to teach students, we have put together some of the best for you below.

The Star

To get this one started, you will be required to position yourself within the middle of the hoop and slowly lean backwards until your back reaches the lower part of the bar. Then, move your legs against the hoop and stretch your arms until they face all the way down. The key is finding the right balance, and as always, never attempt such moves unless you have been through some kind of aerial hoop class.

Front Facing Stretch

You’ll probably notice how most moves require you to face backwards, but doing the complete opposite can also be hugely beneficial. Firstly, move into the hoop until you’re balancing yourself only with the upper part of your legs. Use both hands to keep yourself stretched, and if you’re confident enough, release one hand at a time to really work those muscles.

Amazon Split

The amazon split requires you to firstly sit upright within the hoop. You will then need to lean backwards and stretch one leg until this has been placed flush in an upwards position. The other leg should stretch downwards, therefore creating a split. It’s up to you how far you stretch and for how long, but it’s worth noting how this would definitely be considered one of the more complex moves to complete safely.

Single Leg Cradle

Not ready for the amazon split? No worries! Take things down a notch with the single leg cradle, where you’ll be simply required to lift one leg and rest this over the other. It’s a really simple yet effective method for stretching and working your leg muscles without the danger of overstraining yourself. A definite must for beginners!

Kitty Cat

Here, you’ll be supporting your entire body with your arms. That’s because your legs will simply rest dormant across the hoop as you use your arms to feed your body downwards until you have stretched out completely. Be careful! It could be difficult to hoist yourself up once the exercise has come to an end, so make sure you’re confident with the strength you’ve built-up around both arms.

Want to Learn How to Teach Aerial Hoop?

It’s vital you follow carefully crafted programs before you even attempt to teach aerial hoop to anyone. There’s lots of safety to consider and unless you understand the complexity of this exercise yourself, you won’t be able to educate people to deter significant problems from occurring. We’re more than happy to supply both face-to-face courses and online courses, simply take a look at what we have scheduled for further information.

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