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XPERT Fitness is one the largest Pole & Aerial training providers in the world, our teacher training programs are some of the most comprehensive courses in the market.

Offering a range of disciplines and a variety of ways to learn. XPERT Fitness allows you to choose your course and then choose which way of learning is best for you.
Whether you prefer to be in a face-to-face group environment, or if you like the group environment but prefer to be at home, or you like to take it slow and learn at your own pace then we have all options covered.

Accredited by multiple of fitness certifying organisations, XPERT is also recognised by many insurance companies worldwide. Our Face-to-Face trainings are available in multiple languages and our courses can be found across the globe being taught by some of the industry’s top presenters.

What makes XPERT Fitness so different? We work as a team; our manuals are a collective of information brought together by our international presenters. We work on standardising the industry with consistent content and our regular updates mean that you can keep up to date with any changes and know that you are getting the best, most relevant training in the industry.
XPERT Fitness is an award-winning program, finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014, winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015, finalist for Supplier in The Community Fitness Awards 2021.

About Us

XPERT Teacher Training

Pole Fitness 1 & 2

XPERT Pole Fitness 1&2 was our first released program and has been developed over the years to what it is today. As our leading beginner / intermediate teacher training program the 1&2 covers all you need to know to teach a safe...

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Pole Fitness 3 & 4

XPERT Pole Fitness 3&4 is our next level teacher training, developed for those who are looking to teach intermediate plus students in their classes. This training focusses heavily on spotting and the most important foundation tricks and spins that lead onto advanced.

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Spinning Pole

XPERT Spin Pole teacher training is our specialized manual dedicated to just spinning pole. Static pole and spin pole have such a different dynamic that it needs to be taught separately. This training will work from complete beginners to advanced inverting on...

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Aerial Hoop

XPERT Aerial Hoop teacher training was developed with studios and fitness centers in mind. As the industry has grown there has become a want to add aerial hoop into an everyday fitness regime. The Aerial Hoop course is aimed at those who...

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Aerial Silks

XPERT Aerial Silk teacher training was developed with studios and fitness centers in mind. As the industry has grown there has become a want to add aerial silk into a everyday fitness regime. The Aerial Silk course is aimed at those who...

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Aerial Hammock

XPERT Aerial Hammock is a great addition to your teaching, known for decompressing your spine and increasing your flexibility, with so many ways to use an aerial hammock XPERT developed a program so that you can teach whichever way you choose.

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Static Trapeze

The XPERT Static Trapeze course is aimed at those who would like to teach static trapeze as a form of fitness. The course covers all you need to know to enable you to teach a safe and effective class and has a...

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Children’s Pole & Aerial

With the explosion of the pole and aerial industry, it is only a natural progression that studios and instructors start to teach children. Children and Adults should not be taught the same and it is a common mistake to think that children...

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Flexibility Flow

There are many flexibility and stretch programs on the market, that it’s hard to decipher what information is actually needed. Flexibility is quite personal and can be affected due to many things, as a pole and aerial specialist we have brought together...

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Essential Science of Heels

XPERT Essential Science of Heels focuses on learning how to teach pole and floor work in heels safely. This training will cover all you need to know about the foundations of heel work on and off the pole.

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Pre & Post Natal

The XPERT Pre & Post Natal Training for Pole & Aerial is the latest training to be added to our curriculum. This training provides an in-depth look into the changes that occur during pregnancy and the postpartum period, appropriate training adaptations and...

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Flying Pole

XPERT Flying Pole teacher training is our specialised course dedicated to just fly pole. Flying Pole has such a different dynamic that it needs to be taught separately.

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XPERT is a living breathing manual, always moving and improving, working on standardising the Pole and Aerial industry. Taking an XPERT training is one of the best moves you can do for your career.

Sarah Scott

XPERT Master Trainer, owner of Off the Pole Clothing, International Pole instructor. Qualified in Pole, Hoop, Flexibility

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Choose Your Style

XPERT Fitness is one of the largest Pole & Aerial Training providers in the world. Our focus was always on our face-to-face trainings, making sure you have in depth knowledge from our international team.
However as the world has changed, XPERT has worked on adapting and developing. As a team we are proud to present our three new teaching formats.
Please note pricing in sterling and euro depend on the exchange rate so may vary slightly.

Face to Face Training Icon

Face to Face Training

Our in-person face to face training is an intense 2-day teacher training, held in a hosting studio. If the studio is open and there are no restrictions in place, we will hold a face-to-face training. Making sure they are all COVID checked and secure.

Live Online Training Icon

Live Online Training

Our Live Online training is very similar to our face to face, held over 2 days and with a similar structure. However, this is held over zoom, you can choose where you attend, whether it be at home or in a studio. To be able to do this training, you must have the correct equipment and good Wi-Fi.

Online Self-Learning Icon

Online Self-Learning

Our online self-learning courses can be completed online in your own time; we have no timeline to complete so you can learn at your own pace. Once booked you will gain instant access to our online interactive manuals and videos.

XPERT Community

Because a good teacher never stops learning! I am definitely #xpertproud after two days of XPERT teaching training with an amazing Master Trainer! I would highly recommend XPERT for any training certificates!
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