How to Get Started With Aerial Silks at Home

You’re more than welcome to return to the gym as restrictions continue to ease, but many of us have now developed a permanent liking for home-based workouts. Having a dedicated space at home could help you save money, and it can be far more convenient when trying to learn new skills for the first time away from the public eye. Are you thinking about taking your aerial silk exercises away from studios? Then here are some important things to consider when participating in this activity at home.

Pick a Suitable Workout Space

To undertake aerial silk exercises, you need ample space at your disposal. Many routines require exaggerated movements across your entire body, so anything which gets in the way will only disrupt the effectiveness of your time using what is pretty specialist equipment. Once you have found a suitable space, you also need to ensure the general construct in place has the capacity to keep you upright. Your focus should mainly be on how the silks are fixed onto the ceiling, and in the case of most residential buildings, this is not advised unless you have built rooms from top to bottom so that heavy loads can be accommodated effectively.

Consider Health and Safety

Given how aerial silk exercises require you to be based high above the ground, the importance of health and safety really cannot be overstated. If you’re new to the activity, it’s probably best to have someone else nearby just in case an issue arises during your routine. You should also think about a soft mat, which can be placed below, helping to cushion the blow that may come from a fall. It’s a great form of exercise, but only something which should be undertaken by people who understand the complexity behind common moves and how to perform them both correctly and safely.

Learn From Experts First

Being able to teach aerial silks will likely mean you’ve been put through some form of program. If you haven’t completed an aerial silks training course, then definitely look into this! We have a broad range of courses available, offering you vital theory and insight into how this should be taught correctly. Face-to-face courses are being held in the UK, US, Germany, China and Hong Kong, and we can also provide online aerial silks training for people who would rather learn from the comfort of their own home.

Why Learn Aerial Silks?

Unlike workouts based on the ground, aerial silks will give you the opportunity to stretch into positions not possible unless you are hoisted in the air. This means you can work muscles in more effective ways, helping you tone your figure and develop a greater amount of core body strength.

Further Home Exercises

It’s also possible to participate in pole fitness at home. After you have purchased the most appropriate pole for the home, you will also need to consider health and safety, but in this case, you should find installation is not so reliant on the construct of your ceiling, given how they fix both to the upper part of a room and into the floor.

Learn to Teach Aerial Silk Exercises Today

Don’t wait any longer! Get yourself booked onto our courses today and start your journey towards teaching the art of aerial silks in a fun and safe way. For more information, simply contact our team directly.