Is Aerial Silks Good Exercise?

Are you looking for an effective way to enhance your core muscles, but find conventional exercise isn’t doing the trick? Then have you considered aerial fitness? Although this isn’t often seen as the go-to choice for people who want to improve the strength and tone of their figure, we are here to explain how this could very well be the key to unlocking greater levels of balance and stamina with your body. 

What is an Aerial Silk Workout?

When carrying out aerial silk exercises, you will be suspended high in the air and be required to use your muscles to maintain balance. There are various types of movement you can make which aim to improve your strength and posture. Being able to flex your body and stretch into positions otherwise not possible on the ground means you can oversee the ultimate workout!  

The set-up for aerial silks will see two separate pieces of fabric being secured onto the ceiling. This means all the movements you make will be against gravity, giving you the capacity to really work those muscles. Once you gain more confidence, you could progress into performing some rather spectacular spins as you weave through the material. 

Is Aerial Silks a Good Workout?

The simple answer is yes! If you are someone who wants to find brand new ways of improving bodily movements and strengthening core muscles, then aerial silks will provide the very activity needed to accomplish this with distinction. After you have undertaken a few exercises, you should notice fairly quickly how your stability, posture and even well-being has increased quite substantially. 

How Much Weight Can Aerial Silks Hold?

Despite their flimsy appearance, you may be surprised to hear that silks can often come with huge breaking strength, which means everyone can use this as a form of exercise. The fact silks can accommodate pretty hefty loads, you can be sure that usage will be no problem even when you have mounted up quite a large amount of muscle. 

Can You Lose Weight Doing Aerial Silks?

Although aerial silks are generally used for muscle improvement rather than being a standard cardio workout, you may find that using these techniques along with things like running could create a more robust plan of action when fighting to lose some pounds. 

Can You Hang Aerial Silks in Your House?

Unless you have a home which comes with immense structural solidity, you are probably best to leave any aerial silk exercise to specialised gyms or centres. You may also benefit from having people nearby when you are hoisted away from the ground, as falling from great height may lead to disaster without immediate attention. If you do decide to carry out these exercises at home, it may be worth looking into online aerial silk courses before you get this underway.

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