‘Love is in the Air – Why Pole and Aerial Should Be Your Valentine’ by Lottie Adore

All my life, exercising has been difficult. I was never prompted to hit the gym, or try my hand at a sport for any positive reason. Often, these attempts to ‘get fit’ stemmed from a general dislike for my physique. Getting myself to these different activities was challenging simply because I didn’t really enjoy them. After a few minutes on the treadmill, my mind would wander and wish I was anywhere else. The gym instructor barking orders to ‘work harder’ and ‘feel the burn’ did not motivate, only affirmed just how little enjoyment the class gave me. Much like a failing relationship, the more I tried desperately to change myself to fit the mould of this approach, the worse everything seemed to get, and the less I wanted to bother.

This is of course, not to be scathing towards different forms of exercise. I still do my fair share of cardio, and totally concede that there are many who swear by their weekly HIIT style classes. But discovering pole and aerial back in 2018 enlightened my disillusioned, and
mistrusting attitude toward exercise. There was indeed a different way to workout – a way that tricked me into forgetting I was even doing so. I wanted to give love of exercise a second chance.

Not long into my journey, I soon disregarded how awkward I felt in my body, and focused instead on what my body was doing for me in a trick. My worries about fitting in melted away amongst the sea of different humans in each class I attended – we may not have anything in common on the outside world, but in our glorious studio bubble, we all wanted to achieve that new and exciting move. Once upon a time, I loudly proclaimed ‘I can’t dance’. Now, my favourite thing to do (and teach) is flow around the pole, or a gliding floor routine.

I could gush on forever about the benefits of pole and aerial. But the simple truth is, my love for this art form isn’t simply just because it’s a hidden exercise, or because it’s good for the mind and soul, or for the friends made (although these, of course, are absolutely wonderful reasons too). Pole and aerial teased out parts of me I never even knew existed. Undergoing the transformation from newbie through the studio doors, to the dancer and instructor I am today is living, breathing proof of the benefits of forging this bond with my favourite apparatus, and how in a way, this is one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.

This February, I’ve decided love really is in the air – and that pole and aerial is my Valentine. Here’s three reasons it should be yours, too.

No Judgements Here, Come As You Are – Whatever your past relationships with exercise are, it doesn’t matter. Our studios open you with open arms, and a genuine want to encourage you on your journey whatever that may be. Had a bad day? No problem, forget your troubles for an hour or two and focus instead on the class your instructor has lovingly curated for you. All of your favourite outfits are in the wash, and you’ve only got your mismatched and well-loved kit for class? No problem – it’s not about what you look like, we’re just happy to have you here. You don’t have to start out your relationship with aerial pretending to be someone you’re not.
You are not expected to know all the lingo or be super strong. That’s why you’re here, to learn. Often, you will step foot through those studio doors to a totally new world full of things you’ve not seen before – and isn’t that so exciting?

Keeping Your Self-Love Date Night Fresh – There are so many different types of classes on offer, it’s impossible for things to get stale in your pole and aerial romance. Conditioning, flow, tricks, contemporary, sexy style, heels, open training sessions. Think of your weekly class as your self-love date night – pick your favourite, and spend some time with yourself learning a new skill. And remember, you can change it up any time you like! Trying a variety of disciplines and styles will only make you a better aerialist, and has the added bonus of keeping you engaged and interested, too.

Pole and Aerial is Always Waiting For You – Life getting on top of you a bit, and you’ve got no time for your classes anymore? That’s okay, we understand. No really, we do. Pole and aerial studios aren’t built on foundations of guilting people into coming, it’s about creating a community of glorious, like minded individuals who find flinging themselves around a X-Pole or dangling mid-air off a bar or silk is their kind of fun. So don’t sweat it, if you need a break, take a step back. Most top level professionals have had to have some time off for one reason or another and returned with a renewed love for the art form.

So there you have it! Three excellent reasons on why you should save yourself some money on a card on the 14th of February and proclaim pole and aerial as your Valentine instead. I hope you have an excellent month, and look forward to chatting with you again soon – where I will be sharing some exclusive behind the scenes from XPERT HQ!

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