Music Artists Learning Pole Fitness for Music Videos

The music industry is now largely defined by the video content being created by artists who want to ensure they are providing the visual impact needed to truly bolster their new material in the best possible way. Across the board, we have seen artists from a wide range of well-known genres use specific dance techniques to compliment the tone of their songs, helping to engage with their audience in new and exciting ways.
Over recent times, we have also seen a surge in leading musicians who have used pole dancing as the focal feature of their video, demonstrating to anyone interested in the activity that this is now something hugely prevalent within the world of pop culture. With this in mind, we have taken a close look at some of the most famous music videos which have pole dancing placed firmly at the centre and why it might be time to look into an online pole fitness course to keep you regularly exercising during the Pandemic.


Rihanna – Pour it Up (2012)

Ever since she burst onto the scene, Rihanna has continually helped to pioneer an age where music videos are a prime opportunity to flex creative flair. During her music video for “Pour it Up”, the Barbadian singer uses pole dancing to compliment what is a smooth and edgy number. Several cuts are made during the video where slow motion footage can be seen of her using the art of pole dancing to great effect, with the climax including an impressive hold from an upside down position.

Kelly Rowland – Work (2007)

American singer, Kelly Rowland also used pole dancing as a key feature behind her fast-paced dance number “Work”. During the video, the artist is seen displaying some intense moves and uses her time pole dancing as a means to counteract against the elements of the video which have a much higher tempo. With pole dancing at the heart of the video, Kelly is able to exaggerate movements and utilise her figure to keep things engaging throughout.

Britney Spears – Gimme More (2007)

Throughout Britney Spear’s world famous career, she has treated the music industry to some iconic videos, and decided to use pole dancing as the centre-piece of her song “Gimme More”. Within the confines of a raunchy night club, Spears can be seen using pole dancing during the entirety of the video, showing how much physical exertion can be undertaken over a pretty short period of time. The pole allows Spears to move aggressively up and down, providing the much needed movements for the style of song, while also handing her a hugely beneficial period of exercise.

Katy Perry – Dark Horse (2013)

You will often notice how the production value for pretty much any Katy Perry music video is very high, so the fact she decided to incorporate pole dancing into her song “Dark Horse” is a huge endorsement for this particular form of exercise. As a highly accomplished performer, Perry uses the pole to display her flexible body and even completes the splits. The use of pole dancing is also brought into play as a way to blend seamlessly with the beat of the song.
You can learn more about the core benefits behind pole fitness and our range of courses by contacting our team today.

You can learn more about the core benefits behind pole fitness and our range of courses by contacting our team today.