The History of Aerial Silks

One of the many forms of aerial fitness we help people teach would be silks, and for very good reason. This particular performance type can bolster your core, arms, legs and grip though a range of techniques not possible when working out on the ground. 

If you’re new to the world of aerial silks and want to find out more before taking this up, we have closely analysed its origins and how this became such a firm favourite for lots of people around the world. 

When Did Aerial Silks Originate?

The origins for aerial silk fitness goes all the way back to the very late 1950’s, in which a French circus claimed to be its birthplace, as performers were encouraged to come up with fresh ideas to entertain audiences. However, only one local newspaper article reported on the event, so its credibility is often disputed. 

There’s other reports which suggest how the foundations for aerial silks were fashioned in a Circus performance called Cirque du Soleil in 1987 by Andre Simard, who worked as an acrobatic research and development specialist for the Canadian Entertainment Company. He then used this framework to mould the performance style we know today in 1995. It’s a hazy history, but whatever its real origins, this type of fitness has been with us for several decades now. 

When Did Aerial Silks Become Officially Recognised?

Despite being around for so long, it wasn’t until 1998 that aerial silks were first officially recognised. Since then, many artists have experimented with the intention of crafting lots of amazing moves which work perfectly when hoisted with smooth and silky fabric being deployed. 

Why Are Aerial Silks So Popular?

Aerial silks is a great form of exercise that helps you focus on upper body strength, with certain body parts working hard to keep you held in a particular stance. Being hoisted above the ground also means lots of unique positions are now possible, giving you the opportunity to work muscles in brand new ways. You can also improve your balance and gain a much stronger connection between your body and mind, something which can prove hugely advantageous in your everyday life. 

Over the years, aerial silks have also become a staple for a variety of performances, with elaborate tricks and drops being used to create thrilling spectacle. Holding a position to great effect can also be used to enforce emotion, with graceful movements helping the performer really accentuate powerful vibes at every turn. 

Learn How To Teach Aerial Silks

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