Tips for Teaching Aerial Hoop

Teaching aerial hoop is immensely fulfilling! If you know the core benefits and the history behind aerial hoop, then being able to introduce this to more people will not only make you feel great, but newcomers will be starting out their journey into superior balance, stamina and well-being. However, given the complexity of aerial hoop, and of course the many safety concerns to think about, we have decided to point out some very simple things you should consider when teaching this form or exercise to anyone new.

Speak Clearly

There’s lots to get your head around, so you can imagine how poor communication is never a good thing during just about any teaching session. Really articulate the importance of every single detail, and make sure this has been explained clearly and also in the simplest terms. It can become incredibly overwhelming when we’re introduced to new things, so maybe think about breaking down each aspect behind your program so that information is easily digestible.

Know Your Stuff

You’re not going to be able to teach unless you know aerial hoop exercises yourself. This has to be taught correctly to minimise the chances of serious injury, which means finding a suitable course which teaches you precisely how things should be explained. We have aerial silk courses available right now, whether that be in-person or online. We train people to become experts, handing them comprehensive knowledge about all aspects behind this form of exercise. Calling upon our master instructors, each with years of experience, we can supply the finest training found anywhere in the world.

Take Breaks

Aerial silks can be exhausting, so don’t wear your students out! Take breaks, and if necessary, take lots of them. Even if people appear fine on the outside, they may be unaware of the physical impact this form of exercise can have on the body, which means dedicated periods for winding down are vitally important for both health and safety. Other students may be nervous, and pausing for a moment could be what’s needed to recharge the mind before going again. It’s also important that you stop yourself, since fatigue could hamper the effectiveness behind the delivery of your training techniques.

Let People Learn at Their Own Pace

Be considerate of the fact some people learn fast, and others may need additional time to process things. When teaching aerial hoop, put together a program which caters to everyone, not so much that delivery is overly slow, but also not in a way that speeds everything up. Always repeat things people may have struggled to comprehend, and maybe even consider getting natural first-timers to help with others who are experiencing difficulties during the lesson. The aim is to make this exercise accessible to every single person, which means taking the right approach from the offset is crucial.

Learn to Teach Aerial Hoop with XPERT

As previously mentioned, we have a wide range of courses available, each providing you with carefully crafted programs to ensure you’re teaching aerial hoop correctly. To find out further information about this or any other courses we supply, get in contact with us today.