Why Take a Teacher Training Course

Why an XPERT Pole Fitness Teacher Training Course Could be Right for You written by Lindsey Kimura.

Whether a student looking to deepen your pole and aerial practice or a seasoned instructor, taking a teacher training course is always beneficial.

Training programs set standards for safe and effective instruction and provide a structure and method for helping everyone reach his or her teaching potential. If just starting out, you learn a great deal of new material. If teaching for a while, you receive fresh perspective on teaching and knowledge that complements your current instruction.

When the opportunity to take XPERT arose in 2011, I thought “Nah, I don’t need that. I’ve been teaching for over a year and feel fine with my teaching.” Despite the initial hesitation, however, I decided to take the course and was so glad I did - it was gold!

We learned how to craft spicy and dynamic warm ups, understand muscles and their functionality, use exercise science and anatomical cues in instruction, teach moves in new ways, learn and practice safe spotting, design fluid combos, and utilize constructive feedback. I came away with exciting new warm ups, a larger library of moves, practical ways in which I could be a better teacher, new connections with other participants, and so much more!

Over time the XPERT program has grown tremendously becoming a worldwide brand with trainings in beginner, intermediate and advanced pole, spin pole, aerial hoop, silks, hammock, flexibility, and pole and aerial for youth. XPERT is in over 20 countries, in 7 languages, accredited by top certifying bodies ACE, AFAA, Active IQ, and Fitness Australia, has 1000s of instructors trained, and can be held anywhere in the world. XPERT is far more than a weekend-long teacher training. The knowledge, wisdom, insights, practical applications, and connections gained through the program are invaluable and seep into your teachings forever.

We all have the ability to share our love of pole and aerial by helping others learn. As teachers, we each have strengths and special gifts along with areas in which to grow and develop. The XPERT program provides a structure, system, and elevated standard for becoming the best teacher we can be whether we are just starting out on the journey or are a seasoned professional looking to gain more knowledge and experience!