Best Pole to Install at Home

Even though covid restrictions are starting to ease, there’s many of us who still prefer the idea of exercising from home. This obviously applies to pole fitness enthusiasts, and there’s currently a wide range of quality products which can be installed at your home to help satisfy this new trend. So, if you’re thinking about turning some unused space into a pole fitness facility, we have taken a close look at some of the best products around. 

SPORT (NS) Pole Fitness Pole

If you’re new to pole fitness and want something which doesn’t compromise quality over price, then the X-Pole could be precisely what you’re looking for. One of the great benefits would be its simple installation process, heightened by the fact no ladders will be required. 
The pole can be adjusted to various heights and won’t be permanently fixed, therefore re-locating this to another part of your home is easy. You can choose from either chrome or powder coat finishes, simply pick out the most appropriate for your existing décor. As this pole has been specially designed for beginners, the product is only available as static/non-springing to ensure simple passage into the world of pole fitness. 

sport ns fitness pole
Xpert NXN Fitness Pole

XPERT (NXN) Pole Fitness Pole Static and Spinning Pole

As the most popular fitness and dance pole in the world, this is by far the best choice for experts who have mastered this form of exercise. The pole offers both spinning and static capabilities as standard, and you’ll find installation is a straightforward process from start to finish. 
There’s also a slew of finishes to choose from, which currently includes chrome, brass, titanium, gold and powder coated. When installing the pole, no drilling, screws or bolts are required, since this will be pressure mounted in place. Moving the pole into different locations is also simple, as disassembly can be done quickly for both storage and transportation. 

XPERT PRO (PX) Pole Fitness Static and Spinning Pole

When blending the best qualities from the XPERT along with the X-Lock, you’re handed the XPERT Pro. With the X-Lock system in place, you can seamlessly switch from static to spinning instantaneously. All that’s required is a simple flick of the wrist to make the change and the same to move everything back again. 
Ample colour choices are also available with this pole as you can once again benefit from chrome, stainless steel, brass, titanium gold, powder coat and even silicone finishes. This provides you with a safe and sturdy solution, with instructional videos available, giving you more insight into how this should be used properly. 

Xpert Pro PX Fitness Pole

Pole Away

Space can often be at a premium in many households, so definitely look into the Pole Away concept. This has introduced a brand new dimension into the way poles are installed and then stored. Putting this away is seamless, and the final result means maximising room utilisation. 

We Offer Online Pole Fitness Courses

If you want to develop more skills needed to teach, why not take a close look at the range of online pole fitness courses we have available. You can also contact our team directly for further information.