What To Wear For Pole Fitness

To get the most from pole fitness, you need to wear clothing which is both comfortable and not going to compromise the effectiveness of any routines. Being comfortable baring some skin will make it much easier to keep your grip, but the clothing also needs to make you feel secure, so finding the best solution which can also keep you suitably covered will be a big concern for many. 

Why Do You Need Bare Skin For Pole Fitness?

Without bare skin being exposed to your pole, it’s going to become increasingly more difficult to perform certain moves. Your skin will create the strong grip you need to remain stable, secure and firmly locked onto the pole, so you can focus on your movements. If you wear slippery clothing, this will of course lead to slipping down the pole. 

Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Platform Heels?

Quite simply, wearing platform heels will give you greater elevation, which means you’ll be able to grip higher on the pole. You’ll also find heels are a great way to maintain stability when you decide to flex your legs outwards during certain routines. Adopting a graceful presence is also a must for pole dancers, and once again platform heels will prove advantageous, seeing as they’re often designed with lavish appeal. 

How To Safely Wear Heels For Pole Fitness

Make sure to point your toes the entire time you’re using heels, as this will increase your capacity to maintain balance. Also consider making movements with the curved part of the outsole to ensure you perform gracefully. Our Essential Science of Heels instructor training course will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach pole fitness safely in heels.

Can You Pole Dance With Fake Nails?

Grabbing hold of the pole is pretty important, so despite the glamorous appearance you get with acrylic nails, it’s best to avoid this to deter poor gripping. 

Types of Pole Fitness Clothing

Below are some of the common pieces of clothing used for pole fitness and why they’re often worn. 


Small, tight shorts are the most practical clothing for pole fitness, keeping your legs fully exposed to allow for maximum skin contact on the pole, no matter what moves you’re performing. Just make sure they fit well and make you feel secure and confident so you can concentrate on perfecting your moves.


You can in fact cover up your legs when pole dancing and never at the expense of your grip. Just make sure to wear leggings made with silky materials like polyester. This also ensures you have the elasticity you need to stretch your legs effectively. 

Sports Bra

A conventional wired bra will make movements far more restricted, so use sports bras instead during pole fitness. If you’re confident enough, these can be all that’s needed for the upper part of your body, and there’s plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, so it’s easy to pick something which makes you feel confident when exercising. 

Knee Pads

If you are new to pole fitness or are learning new moves, protecting your knees will be important to avoid bruises. Building up your upper body strength and learning to control your descent from the pole takes time and landing with a bump on your knees is a sure fire way to have you hobbling the next day, so get yourself some knee pads until you’re confident you have nailed the landing.

Become an XPERT Pole Trainer

Learning what to wear during pole fitness is just one key area covered when teaching people how to instruct this form of exercise. Do you want to become an XPERT trainer? Take a look at our current available courses which are now both face-to-face and online. Contact us directly for more information.