Moves That Can Be Done On a Spinning Pole

Using a spinning pole can do wonders to your stamina and core body strength. Don’t just take our word for it! Many of the world’s leading artists use pole fitness for their music videos and personal health. This form of exercise is highly effective compared to ground-based routines, simply because you’re far less limited. Using a spinning pole at home or a specialist centre gives you ample opportunity to extend your legs, bend your body and stretch your arms in new and exciting ways. So, here are just some of the most common moves you can try out for yourself.

Back Bend

If you’re new to pole dancing, you might want to start off with moves that require your feet to remain firmly on the ground. A great place to begin would be the back bend, where you’ll need to hold the pole with one arm and bend your body until you’re standing using only your toes.

Carousel Spin

When you’ve managed to enhance your upper body strength, you may want to take on moves where you’re not using the floor for support. Try the carousel spin, but only if you’re confident! That’s because this move requires both arms to stretch fully, one being paced above the head and one below. This will enable you to hold your body up and away from the ground completely.


You can obviously do this without a spinning pole, but with this by your side, you’ll have more confidence when making your attempts given the support they provide. A handstand is a simple yet really effective way to bolster your core arm strength, owing to the fact they are the only thing keeping your entire body upright.

Fireman Spin

Taken loosely from the common technique used by firemen when sliding down poles, the fireman spin does wonders to both your leg and arm muscles. With this move, you need to pull your body halfway up the pole and tuck in your legs. Hold this position for as long as you can, and doing this frequently enough will prove a really effective method for toning your body.

Scissor Sit

Moving onto more complex moves, and one of the most effective would be the scissor sit. The move gets its name due to the manner in which your legs should be positioned, and that’s with stretches being made at an angle similar to that of scissors which have been opened out. You then need to lean your body ever so slightly toward the floor and use one arm to keep yourself upright.

Horizon Plank

Want to try something really extreme? Then the horizon plank is a move that sees your entire body adopt a horizontal position. To ensure you remain supported, place one arm below the body and one above. Your legs will also need to pinch the pole for further solidity.

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