Teaching Pole & Aerial Fitness To Children

Teaching young children about pole and aerial fitness is a great way to lay crucial groundwork they need to perfect these forms of exercise over the course of many years. 

Are you looking to inspire and educate the next generation? Then before you get started, it’s important to understand how adults and children need to be instructed differently. 

Only with appropriate training programs can you be sure health, safety and legality have been considered where necessary. 

Is Pole Fitness Appropriate For Children?

Yes, absolutely! Simply make the required adjustments to any equipment being used in relation to the child’s age and strength. Other than that, be sure to find trustworthy instructors who will teach a safe and methodical program, in which moves are being performed appropriately. 

What Age Can You Start Learning Pole Fitness?

Children as young as five can feel the benefit from pole fitness. In most cases, programs will be separated into specific age brackets, so that very young children are following a different approach to teenagers.  

Who is Suitable to Teach Pole and Aerial Fitness to Children?

To learn how children should be taught pole and aerial fitness, you will need to have a minimum 12-months experience under your belt as either an instructor or teaching assistant. Our course will have both a practical and written exam to really enforce the specific knowledge you need to instruct these forms of exercise correctly. 

What are the Benefits of Pole Fitness?

Much like adults, children who participate in pole fitness are likely to improve their muscular strength, increase flexibility and enhance coordination skills. This form of exercise can also do wonders to your mental health, something which may prove hugely beneficial during exam season. 

What are the Benefits of Aerial Fitness?

With their body elevated high above the ground, children can stretch into positions they’ve never likely reached before. Their spinal compression will therefore be enhanced, and they should also develop a much stronger sense of balance. 


There are in fact many reasons to start teaching these forms of exercise to young children. Not only do they provide amazing health benefits, but classes can be a great social experience, and in the case of pole dancing, this is an official sport, which means children have something to aspire to with lots of competitions available all-year round. 

Do You Want to Teach Children Pole & Aerial Fitness?

We have a course made just for people who want to deliver child oriented programs. Follow our carefully crafted course to learn how over 70 spins, tricks, and transition moves should be taught to the younger demographic.

You’ll also pick up lots of information on both anatomy and physiology, to ensure you have a deeper understanding of how these forms of exercise can impact the body and mind of young children. 

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