History of Aerial Hoop

Using aerial hoops is a great way to improve muscle strength and state of mind. With your body positioned high up in the air, you will be able to really stretch yourself and achieve the ultimate muscular workout, devoid of the limitations that come from being based on the ground. 

This form of exercise has been a popular choice for many years, but where did it all begin? We have taken a close look at the origins of ariel hoops and why this concept can be so immensely beneficial for your body.

Who Invented Aerial Hoop?

A gentleman named Edward Van Wyck is often touted as the man who helped to invent the concept we know today as aerial hoops. 

When circus performances were in high demand throughout the early part of the 20th century, there was constant need for brand new equipment, and this paved the way for aerial hoops, which has now become one of the most frequent components behind such shows. 

Edward Van Wyck was a well-known juggler and creator of props in America. Before his death in 1952, Van Wyck invented a number of aerial items, helping to pioneer a brand new age of quality apparatus to be used by performers.

Is Aerial Hoop a Good Workout?

Much like aerial silks, this form of exercise benefits from the fact you won’t be based on the ground. This should mean certain bodily positions which otherwise can’t be achieved will be incorporated into your routine, giving you a more rounded workout. 

Some of the key areas to feel the value would be your arms and upper body, giving the means to massively enhance your strength. Another reason to consider aerial hoops would be the positive effect this can have on coordination, since you will be required to maintain balance and control.

Is Aerial Hoop Dangerous?

Yes this certainly can be! It’s recommended you have been through a course before taking on this form of exercise, otherwise you could be at a serious risk of falling from great heights. 

It goes with saying, this could see you inflicted with major bodily harm, so either learn how to complete such exercise from aerial fitness experts, or think about something else to help improve your core muscles. 

People thinking about teaching this form of exercise should also seek out professional aerial hoop instructor training. This way, you will be explaining things correctly, placing more focus on the important theoretical aspects which always need to be considered.

Is Aerial Hoop Hard?

Aerial hoop workouts can be difficult to master at the start, but persevering will mean you reap the rewards much further down the line. Just like pole dancing, this form of exercise can be tough on your hands, so getting your grip under control should make the rest slightly easier. 

It can take up to three months in order to feel reasonably proficient with Aerial hoops, and only through regular practise can you be sure that better use is possible in the future. 

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Aerial silks are another great form of exercise with much the same concerns. Once again, experience of using such equipment can only be formed when battling through the trials and tribulations which become apparent at the very beginning. 

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